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Garage Equipment Diesel Test Equipment Diesel Test Accessories Test Kit No 3 - Accessory 200MPa Ho
  • Accessory 200MPa Hose set

Bosch Test Kit No 3 - Accessory 200MPa Hose set

Mfr# 0986612925

Category: Diesel Test Equipment

Accessory 200MPa Hose set


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Diesel Set 1

For low-pressure measurement at the vehicle on all passenger cars and commercial vehicles fuel systems.

Diesel Set 2

Ventilation for fuel systems with radial-piston distributor pumps and Common Rail Systems.

Diesel Set 3.1

Pressure build-up check on high-pressure pumps for Common Rail Systems under engine starting conditions

  • Engine does not start (starter turns)
  • Breakdowns (engine stalls during operation and does not start up again when the starter is turned)
  • Cutouts (engine stalls) Rail-pressure sensor comparison test in the Common Rail System
  • Performance loss (no fault-code storage)

An important precondition to ensure the smooth running of a diesel engine is that the common rail pump generates the required pressure on start up. If it does not, testing must be carried out on the low-pressure side using the Diesel Set 1.

If the pump does generate the necessary pressure, the rail pressure sensor must undergo a more comprehensive test.

The Diesel Set 3.1 contains all the necessary tools for the test. The common rail pump may be destroyed if it is not tested in the correct manner. Hence, the Diesel Set 3.1 has been designed to avoid this occurring and ensure that the pump tests are expertly carried out.

Diesel set 3.1 checks pressure build up on high pressure pumps CP1, CP1H, CP3, CP4.1 and CP4.2 for Common Rail Systems under engine starting conditions. The set consists of high-quality tools and equipment such as a digital pressure display with mains charger, a pressure sensor module with rail pressure sensor, connecting lines, additional tanks, threaded rings and various cones, which ensure the adaption is highly flexible and guarantee that the correct connection is available for any vehicle.

The Diesel Set 3.1 has been designed for pressure up to 2,000 bar, the set can therefore also be used to test the latest common rail systems. The pressure sensor with integrated rail pressure sensor that is included in the set comes equipped with two connections that allow measurements to be taken whilst the engine is running.

Diesel Set 3 extension set

In the framework of offboard system diagnosis, the extension set allows you to carry out a rail-pressure sensor test on engines with less than four cylinders (e.g. Smart). Measurements are possible in the complete operating range of the engine.

Volume measuring device

Return flow measurement on Common Rail injectors on passenger car and commercial vehicle systems and piezo injectors. Adaptations enable connection of many injectors to the volume measuring device.