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Garage Equipment Vehicle System Testing FSA FSA 740 without KTS 540
  • Vehicle System Analyser, PC based, 19 inch flat screen, mouse & printer. Includes SystemSoft[Plus]. WITHOUT KTS 540
  • Vehicle System Analyser, PC based, 19 inch flat screen, mouse & printer. Includes SystemSoft[Plus]. WITHOUT KTS 540

Bosch FSA 740 without KTS 540

Mfr# 1684010722

Category: Vehicle System Testing

Vehicle System Analyser, PC based, 19" flat screen, mouse & printer. Includes SystemSoft[Plus]. WITHOUT KTS 540


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Detecting faults quickly and reliably

In modern motor vehicles, the proportion of electrical and electronic vehicle components is constantly rising.
This development provides new challenges to the workshop. Fast, error-free fault location is of major importance to the workshop with regard to quality and economy.
For this purpose, the new vehicle system testing generation from Bosch provides the diagnostics platform of the future.

Complete system for the effective diagnostics

The vehicle system analysis FSA 740 offer the workshop a universal diagnosis system.

  • The signal generator - New and only with FSA from Bosch, permits the testing of sensors.
  • Component testing - The new FSA component test program developed by Bosch is used to accurately pinoint problems. The measurement scales and ranges are automatically selected for each component being tested. The test procedure can be conducted without the need to remove the component, therefore time is saved by eliminating unnecessary component removal.
  • Engine Test - The FSA measurement module, with its extensive range of sensors, can manage all of the functions of classical engine analysers for measuring engine-related signals, such as primary and secondary ignition signals, triggering signals for ignition module, engine speed, No.1 cylinder synchronisation and setting the point of ignition.
  • Control Unit diagnostics - The ECU diagnostics tester KTS 540 is included in the equipment supplied(FSA with KTS 540 only). It permits reading out of fault memories in the vehicle electronics system, and locating the causes of a problem.
  • The modular system layout also ensures that the FSA can be adapted to existing diagnostic systems and can be expanded step by step to a comprehensive workshop testing system.

PC system of individual components optimally tuned to one another

Apart from the FSA measurement module and the sensor equipment, the FSA 740 also includes a high-performance PC system with a non-dazzling, easy to ready TFT monitor, remote control and printer.

Technical data FSA 740 Part Number
FSA 740 (with KTS540) 0 684 010 701
FSA 740 (without KTS540) 0 684 010 703
Keyboard 1 684 022 357
Keyboard cover 1 685 510 165
Scope of Delivery FSA 740
Measurement module with sensor carrier
Power unit with mains connection cable
PC with operating system Windows XP
Monitor, mouse, printer
Remote control
System tester KTS 520
System software SystemSoft[plus]*
Connecting cable for Multi 1
Connecting cable for Multi 2
Connecting cable for B+/B-
Connecting cable for term 1/15
Measurement transmitter 3x KV +/Rt
Measurement transmitter 3x KV -/Sw
Trigger clamp-on Probe
Clamp on probe 1000A
Oil temperature sensor
Air pressure measurement with hose line
* the SystemSoft[plus] contains the software for signal generator, multimeter and oscilloscope, including test steps and general test and connection information.
Special Accessory
Clamp on probe 30A 1 687 224 969
Air-temperature sensor 1 687 230 060
Connecting line for air-temp sensor 1 684 465 517
Supplementary-equipment set BEA 050 1 687 001 576
Supplementary-equipment set RTM 430 1 687 001 577
Package: Primary 0 688 100 001
Connecting cable:
UNI IV, BMW, Ford, Opel
Package: Secondary 0 688 100 022
connecting cable:
Audi, BMW, Ford, MB
Test Adapter: A,B,C/D.E.F/X,Y
Dimensions (H x W x D) approx. 1785 x 680 x 670mm
Weight approx 91Kg
Supply voltage for power unit 90-264 VAC / 47 -63 Hz
UK operating temperature range 5°C to 40°C