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  • Movable TFT monitor, membrane keyboard, foot pedal brake, mechanical quick-clamping nut, 2 electronic feeler arms and weight sticking system

Bosch WBE 4430

Mfr# 1694100226

Category: Tyre Service Equipment

Movable TFT monitor, membrane keyboard, foot pedal brake, mechanical quick-clamping nut, 2 electronic feeler arms and weight sticking system


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Technical data WBE 4430
Rim diameter 12" - 30"
Rim width 1" - 21"
Max. wheel diameter 1,200 mm
Maximum wheel weight 80 kg
Balancing speed (60Hz / 50Hz) 250 / 210 rpm
Weight 186 kg
W x H x D in mm 1,194 x 1,686 x 1,600


  • Placement surface spread over two levels
  • Electronic scanning and data arm for recording all necessary wheel parameters
  • Stop function on scanning arm for installing adhesive weights
  • Wheel brake and positioning aid

WBE 4430: Comfortable top model for highest performance

The WBE 4430 is a new development from Bosch that allows particularly comfortable balancing of wheels on passengers cars, motorcycles and transporters. The model has a strikingly slim design and a new weight placement area with movable cover. This means that the placement surface is considerably larger. The control panel with arrow keys makes fast and simple navigation to the desired functions possible.

Exact weight positioning is guaranteed by nine passenger car and two motorcycle programs, including, of course, matching and splitting programs. In the special versions (S10), a light ring illuminates the rim from the inside. A position laser provides a line on which the weight is to be fitted. With the new WBE 4430, wheels with a diameter of up to 1200 mm, a maximum rim width of 21", a maximum weight of 80 kg and a rim diameter of 12" to 30" find their balance.

The electronic scanning arms for quick recording of the rim distance, rim width and rim diameter open up new perspectives in convenience. Simple, targeted positioning and attachment of concealed adhesive weights is carried out with the electronic data arm.

The WBE 44 series consists of wheel balancers with TFT-monitors designed for balancing passenger car, motorcycle and transporter wheels. Particularly space-saving and slim design.

  • Different static and dynamic balancing options
  • Programmable function keys for targeted and timesaving access to software menus
  • Matching of rim and tire imbalance
  • Attachment of concealed weights behind the spokes
  • Multiple-user function of software
  • Space-saving divided wheel cover
  • Foot pedal brake for locking the wheel during weight attachment
  • Pneumatic wheel clamping with the version WBE 4425 and WBE 4225
  • Easily readable TFT-monitor
  • Optional light and laser ring for lighting the interior of the rim and positioning aid for fitting the balancing weights
  • WBE 4430 and WBE 4435 have programmable functions keys for targeted access to software menus

Equipment supply WBE 4430

Wheel balancer with movable TFT monitor, membrane keyboard, foot pedal brake, with the WBE 4430 mechanical quick-clamping nut, electronic feeler arm for rim data acquisition, three centering cones, tapered flange, sample weight, tongs, gauge and holder pins for clamping equipment.