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Bosch BEA 350

Mfr# 0684105361

Category: Emissions Testers



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Much more than only an exhaust-gas test

Bosch provides the workshop with the complete spectrum from simple exhaust gas examination up to the complete emission system analysis:

  • The exhaust-gas analyser for exhaust-gas examination
  • The exhaust-gas diagnostics system for error diagnosis
  • The modular expandable exhaust gas maintenance system for the efficient workshop

All devices are highly efficient with customer-conforming documentation of the measurement and diagnostic results. They are all easy to operate. With their modular design, high quality standard and innovative measurement technology, they always offer a future-proof investment.

Fully approved for MOT use for both Petrol and Diesel emissions testing in one dedicated compact unit. BEA analysers offer simple operation with a measuring accuracy to OIML R99, class 0 standards.

This product is available as a stand alone Diesel Smoke Analyser - BEA 150, a stand alone Gas analyser - BEA 250, or a combined smoke and gas - BEA 350.

  • Fully compatible for VOSA swipe card technology
  • Highly reliable and accurate OS9 processor board with 050 gas measuring bench
  • TFT screen providing a clear and bright display in all light conditions.
  • Concise clearly arranged menu operation and results display - e.g. Test values are diplayed using bar charts.
  • Simple menu operation by use of Remote Control, Standard PC keyboard or front panel control keys.
  • Fast printout of test results with built in thermal printer
  • Bosch engine speed measurement technology using battery clamps
  • No.1 ignition lead sensor, Diesel clamp sensor available as optional accessory
  • Font mounted Disc drive for fast and easy database or software updates.
  • Fast and simple maintenance of gas bench through easy filter access at rear of unit

BEA 050 Pertrol Emissions Analyser

The future engine for the average consumer will continue to be the gasoline-powered engine. With constantly optimized cleanliness values that can be measured quickly and conveniently using the Bosch emission analysis.

4 Gas Petrol Emission Analyser Measuring Range Resolution
CO 0.000-10.00% vol 0.001% vol
CO2 0.00-18.00% vol 0.01% vol
HC 0-9999 ppm vol 1 ppm vol
O2 0.00-22.00%vol 0.01% vol
λ 0.500-9.999 0.001
NO 0-5000 ppm vol < = 1 ppm vol

RTM 430 Diesel Smoke Meter

The triumphant progress of the diesel engine:
The increasing acceptance of the diesel engine is accompanied by expanded legal requirements for exhaust gas restriction and analysis. Technical innovations helped to significantly reduce the exhaust-gas values of today’s diesel engines. The exact emissions measurement and adjustment by the workshop is increasingly becoming more significant to observe the new legal standards in practice.

The RTM 430 is the renown National Standard reference smoke meter utilised on the BEA 350. A compact meter that can be stored on the rear of the BEA trolley for space saving convienience it offers exceptional performance and accuracy with advantages such as:

  • Very fast measurment response time
  • Outstanding service life of measuring cells
  • Optimum flow technology of the smoke opacimeter
  • Fast and simple maintenance through magentic lock
  • Designed with state of the art simulation programs