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  • Hand-held Battery tester with printer for testing also brand new/unused batteries. Includes USB port

Bosch BAT 131

Mfr# 0684400731

Category: Battery Testing/Charging

Hand-held Battery tester with printer for testing also brand new/unused batteries. Includes USB port


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Technical Data BAT 131
Battery nominal voltage 6 V / 12 V
Application Pass. car / comm. veh., motorcycle, marine
Battery types Lead-acid, gel, fleece / AGM
Test standards CCA, JIS, EN, DIN, SAE, IEC
Battery size (in acc. with CCA) 100 – 2 000 A
Starting / charging system test 12 V / 24 V
Printer Integrated thermal printer
Menu languages 24
Dimensions (B x W x T) approx. 270 x 113 x 50 mm
Weight approx. 700 g
Operating temperature 0° – 40° C

Perfect: Easy and comfortable testing of batteries

The new portable battery tester BAT 131 from Bosch is perfectly suitable for testing 6 V and 12 V starter batteries (lead-acid, gel and fleece batteries/AGM). The cold cranking current can be set as required between 100 and 2 000 A according to the standards CCA, JIS, SAE, EN, DIN and IEC. The load free test procedure provides fast, precise and reliable measurement results. The battery tester has a robust housing specially designed considering workshop requirements. The enhanced user interface enables simple and intuitive operation.

BAT 131: Advantages at a glance

  • Menu-guided intuitive operation
  • Test of battery condition and identification of defective batteries – independent of whether the battery is in the vehicle or not. New: Optimized test algorithm for testing new batteries straight from the factory
  • Extended test of the starting/charging system for 12 V and 24 V batteries. The tester supports the optional use of a current clamp, which also improves the test results.
  • Integrated printer provides „easy to understand“ graphical printouts and supports workshop argumentation against their customers.
  • USB port for transfering and storing of test results on a computer
  • 3 m replaceable cable enables flexibility during battery and starter/charging system diagnosis