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Bosch BAT 110

Mfr# 0986AT0550

Category: Battery Testing/Charging



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Technical data
Battery voltage 12 V
Scope of test 200 A to 900 A SAE/EN
120 A to 550 A DIN/IEC
200 A to 850 A CCA
JIS conversion table on the back of the device
Dimensions (W x H x D) 197 x 98 x 40 mm
Weight 295 g

Battery tester BAT 110

The BAT 110 is a fast, reliable and easy to use battery tester for all 12 V lead acid batteries (standard, maintenance-free, fleece [AGM] and gel batteries). In addition to performing battery diagnosis and displaying the battery status, BAT 110 is capable of testing 12 V starter and charger systems.

The four digital numerical display as well as the three LED indicators and scrollable arrow keys enable an easy and intuitive handling of the device (no language output required). In addition, the BAT 110 offers a wide range of testing norms, such as SAE, EN, DIN, IEC, CCA and JIS. A conversion table for the JIS norm is attached on the back of the device. The battery tester furthermore distinguishes itself by a robust and solid housing, suitable for any worshop.