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Bosch automotive training courses

Bosch Automotive Training

Bosch training facility

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As the world's largest supplier of advanced electronic automotive systems, vehicle manufacturers from around the world rely on Bosch for innovation and technical expertise. You can also benefit from this expertise through the range of training courses offered by Bosch either at our new multi-million pound Service Training Centre (STC) in Uxbridge or on a regional basis at one of our forty five training partner venues. Develop your technical skills through Bosch training to help safeguard your future.

Bosch are market leaders in developing new vehicle systems, which provides direct access to the valuable information required for our training courses and market leading range of diagnostic equipment. Our training courses follow a vehicle systems based approach as opposed to a vehicle specific approach so that the skills learnt can be applied across all makes of vehicles.

Bosch believes that small group sizes result in better training outcomes and that having dedicated classrooms, workshops and equipment for training (rather than using existing meeting rooms, for example) is crucial. Our courses include as much visual, audio and practical methods as possible, including videos, graphics and technical diagrams.

Training Courses in the UK Bosch offer a range of courses and services designed to meet the needs of all workshop technicians, whatever their experience and knowledge:

  • Automotive Technology Training Courses
  • Bosch Trouble Shooting Workshops (e.g. half-day or one day courses looking at specific problems)
  • Technical Seminars (bite-sized 1-4 hour sessions)
  • Equipment training for new and existing users of Bosch garage equipment (including the FSA range of engine analysis machines and wheel alignment)
  • Accreditation Services and Qualifications such as ATA